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[Announcement] - FEO Community Feedback - June 2024

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Kerry Malone, Thu 20 Jun, 2024 3:09 PM
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    Chocolate fudge cake for all.
    Three of Seven: I'd love to accept, but I am dieting, and must as such, pass. Feel free to have my slice.

    Kerry Malone: I'm not allowed to have any. Sad

    Jess: I'll just take whatever they aren't having Big Grin

    Bridger: Hell yeah!

    From what I can tell there's a concerted push to maintain the health of the fleet despite recent setbacks. A commendable effort to be sure.
    Three of Seven: We are always looking to keep things interesting, and if you have an idea on how we can improve, please check out this page that Jess set up! There are options for more than just bugs.

    Kerry Malone: As with above, we can't do any of this without you - the membership. Please tell us if there's anything you'd like to see happen or done, we'll explore the art of the possible! Never be afraid to speak up!

    Jess: I don't really have much to add to what Three and Kerry said. Our doors are always open, and if you find a bug or other issue with our website or Discord, feel free to raise a request!

    Bridger: We strive to keep everything running smoothly, thanks to the incredible efforts of our dedicated volunteers. These amazing individuals generously invest their time and energy to make our community a wonderful place to be.

    Hats off to everyone.
    Three of Seven: Depends if it's raining, I tend to keep a baseball cap on when I am playing football (soccer), as I play goalkeeper, helps me to keep my vision. Otherwise, I see no need to wear a hat in the first place, but thank you.

    Kerry Malone: 200w?cid=6c09b952bp76efo45bqbep6fcvz10ci9wrmj3hwqj4836tnc&ep=v1 gifs search&rid=200w&ct=g

    Jess: I never wear hats, unless it's cold.

    Bridger: Thanks!

    FEO has made leaps and bounds recently to make this a much more enjoyable experince. Keep up the good work everyone.
    Three of Seven: Thank you very much, and if you ever have anything you want to say, feel free to get in touch.

    Kerry Malone: I'm glad that our work behind the scenes is paying off. Smile Of course, it's very laborious horse-whipping Solace into doing things, so I'm glad you noticed. ^_^

    Jess: That you very much for your kind words!

    Bridger: Thank you! We're thrilled you're enjoying the improvements. We'll keep working hard to make things even better. Your support means a lot!

    Some nice peoples.
    Three of Seven: That's fair, Kerry isn't very nice, but most of us are.

    Kerry Malone: 200w?cid=6c09b952xdywlb2dfzgxgotlnd6mm84g7w4huml3njzy9h46&ep=v1 gifs search&rid=200w&ct=g

    Jess: We try to be!

    Bridger: Indeed we are except for Kerry.

    I really don't know, everything seams good.
    Three of Seven: Well, if anything comes to mind, just drop myself, or any member of FEO a message, and we'll look into it. Glad that everything is good thus far for you!

    Kerry Malone: I'm glad you're finding things good here. Feel free to reach out if you need any support! Always happy to help!

    Jess: I don't have anything extra to add, so I'll just echo my colleagues! Never be afraid to reach out if you need help!

    Bridger: Damn when you write your response as the last person you really can't add anything else anymore.

    Things are getting done are a solid rate.
    Three of Seven: I know right! I can't take credit for that though.

    Kerry Malone: I'm taking the credit, knowing full well it's all Jess who did most of it... ^_^

    Jess: It's fun implementing small features here and there. There's going to be a rather large feature coming soon, so keep an eye out for that!

    Bridger: Thanks, the people above can take the credit, I will take the money.

    This unit strongly approves
    Three of Seven: We are as one.

    Kerry Malone: This unit has opinionzzzz.... bzzzt...

    Jess: This unit also agrees.

    Bridger: This unit must survive.

    Always doing a good job! HAVE A PIZZA!
    Three of Seven: Stop offering nice foods that do not fit with my diet! It's just mean.


    Jess: Pizza is always good!

    Bridger: Having one right now.

    Three of Seven: CAT

    Kerry Malone: icegif 87

    Jess: PURR

    Bridger: katie cat
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