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[Announcement] - Holodeck June 2024 Survey Results

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Chris Wilkinson, 3 Weeks Ago
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    SFHOLO 240



    Strongly Approve: 19%
    Approve: 11%
    Neutral: 70%
    Disapprove: 0%
    Strongly Disapprove: 0%

    More Holodecks.
    Heyallo: Please contact the Engineering Department at Utopia Planitia to have your request for more Holodecks aboard your starships addressed.
    Chris Wilkinson: We are always endeavouring to bring you more holodeck, currently the major blocker for this is a lack of power. Please make sure any emergency medical holograms are deactivated and we'll see what we can do.

    Don't follow what's going on here closely enough to comment.
    Heyallo: We host events, support our community with Guilds in various games and provide information where able about various non-trek games.
    Chris Wilkinson: I can't say much more on top of what Heyallo has said, he got it all. If you do have any questions or comments once you've followed more, I'm happy to listen.

    Very much looking forward to the wrapping up of this Fearless story line and what comes next.
    Heyallo: I didn't know we were the Role Play Department now lol
    Chris Wilkinson: This may be my fault.... *Calls over the RPD heads*

    never send to be anything new
    Heyallo: We cater to what people are interested in/playing where we can. Sadly not all our volunteers can play everything (but we try for our community!)
    Gostlool: To add to that, we're also always open for suggestions! If we see a thread pop up of people wanting to play something, we'll for sure look into it. Also, PMs are always open with further suggestions!
    Chris Wilkinson: This is one which can be tricky as the team have said, we do try and do a variety of games but we each tend to focus on the games which we specialise in.

    We are always looking for new team members to allow us to spread out into a wider variety of games and even time zones. If you have ideas please don't hesitate to reach out to me via DM, I'm always happy to take on board feedback.

    If you want to be part of making the change happen, you can join us on the Holodeck team, we'd love to have more colleagues and events for people to take part in.

    Neutral only because I do not frequent that forum.
    Heyallo: Holodeck is more than just a forum friend, we are the Branch of the UFP that covers non-trek gaming.
    Chris Wilkinson: You should visit us more in the Holodeck, we have cake. (Heyallo edit: We corner the replicator market on cake!)

    Sadly, I am more of a lurker than an active member here mainly due to current game hyperfixations.
    Heyallo: Oooh a shiny! *hyperfixates on the shiny* huh? wha? oh sorry.
    Chris Wilkinson: This is something which I have also been guilty of in the past (and still am in some degrees today). You should tell us what these hyperfixations are, maybe if they are MP enabled, we can all join you Smile

    I really don't know, everything seams good.
    Chris Wilkinson: That's completely fair, please don't hesitate to reach out if you see anything which isn't as
    Computer, arch.
    Heyallo: Moriarty says no.
    Chris Wilkinson: Name:  1556110164938.jpg
Views: 40
Size:  18.8 KB

    This unit strongly approves
    Heyallo: This unit strongly counter-approves
    Chris Wilkinson: I appreciate that approval unit.

    Good, but no interactions. Have a coupon for 10% off an oil change.
    Heyallo: Did you check the expiry date on that? I keep telling Mentioned User Chris Wilkinson to stop handing those out!
    Chris Wilkinson: Wait, those are the coupons that you were telling me not to hand out??? What am I meant to do with this stack of coupons for 60% off warp plasma? (Heyallo edit: You were supposed to hand THOSE ONES out lol)

    Heyallo: RELEASE THE QUACKEN! (see image)
    Chris Wilkinson:


    [cl4] JUNE EVENT APPROVAL: 99%

    Strongly Approve: 21%
    Approve: 12%
    Neutral: 67%
    Disapprove: 1%
    Strongly Disapprove: 0%

    *Makes approval noises*
    Heyallo: *Makes counter-approval noises*

    We've had less events than we did when I started when people were already wanting more, not less, and I've seen events lately populated by as few as three people. The last event I tried to attend had zero interaction. The former requires volunteers. I understand that. I'm not sure what can be done about the latter.
    Chris Wilkinson: From a Holodeck perspective, we do try and host events which people would be interested in. It can be hard to judge this and we do sometimes find that events have no interaction with members.

    We're always open to suggestions and if you have any ideas, my DM's are always open.

    Haven't attended other than some gaming with ya
    Heyallo: That still counts!

    Events on all the time attend some when i can
    Heyallo: And we both thank and value your presence friend.

    Need more night shift US events ;p Thats just due to work for me though
    Chris Wilkinson: This is something that does come up frequently unfortunately, it can be hard for us to host events in the evening within the US as at least with Holodeck, a majority of our team are based in Europe.

    We have tried to host events in more US friendly times but the few times I did this, i didn't get any engagement at all which caused me to reverse this.

    If we had enough people who were willing to attend, I don't see a problem with trying to run events for this time period.

    Shoutout to Bedders.
    Heyallo: I think he's out back changing the goo from the holodeck again. we'll pass it on though!
    Chris Wilkinson: Bedders is definitely one of the Holodeck cornerstones Smile

    This unit strongly approves
    Gostlool: This unit strongly approves of the approval.

    Never attended.
    Heyallo: tenor
    Gostlool: Meow!
    ChrisWilkinson Medals