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Technical Services Community Feedback - June 2024

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Jess, 2 Weeks Ago
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    It isn't pink
    Jess: It can be! I'm actually working on making the April Fools' Day style available to anyone who wishes to use it.

    Imagine this is a Kerry ping right here.
    Jess: I'm sure Kerry will absolutely love this!

    It loads a bit slowly compared to other sites, but it's not too bad, I guess?

    I'm not sure what's causing the slow loading though
    Jess: Over the past couple of months, I've been working on various optimisations. If you're experiencing slow loading times, I encourage you to put in a Tech Request so that we may work with you to troubleshoot why the website might be loading slowly.

    Technical Services have been excellent at making the website so much better. The Baner now coming down and having Back to Top is such a small quality of life feature but it makes it so much better. And as someone who uses They/Them pronouns the little pronoun thing is actually really useful. I never wanted to make a fuss or anything before but now its easily intergrated into the system and I can just put them on so thank you.
    Jess: We're always looking for ways to improve on our website! Thank you so much for your kind words!

    Jess: Absolutely!

    I just returned to UFP (and Star Trek Online)after almost three years hence the mostly 'neutral' replies, to be fair. Smile
    Jess: Welcome back to the community! We're always open to feedback!

    Jess is doing amazing, but we need a pink theme.
    Jess: Thank you so much! In regards to the pink theme, keep an eye out for that!

    This unit strongly approves
    Jess: Resistance is futile

    Every time.
    Jess: Always!

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