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Playing various games amongst friends with a Star Trek passion.

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UFPlanets is almost entirely indivisible from the world of gaming. Since its inception, the UFP has primarily focused on gaming. Starting out within general Trek gaming, this community now boasts support for a wide range of titles. From Star Trek Online and Star Wars: The Old Republic, to Star Citizen, we endeavour to support as many games as possible. For a more thorough breakdown of our gaming activity keep on reading and follow the links below.

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Play Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online is our most popular area. Continually developing our in-game offerings across all factions, the UFP is a well known group within this particular game.

2859 Members

Play Supported Non-Trek Games

Focusing on Non-Trek titles, Holodeck makes us a more appealing and open place for fans of all interests. The number of members in this division is continually growing.

1169 Members

Play Other Games

Including Trek titles such as Bridge Commander and Elite Force. These older titles maintain a loyal following, with occasional events and tournaments being run annually.

Continually evolving and open to change, the UFP is met with a great deal of success across all its gaming divisions. This success is in large part due to the collective experience of our team of volunteers and our willingness to review and change our direction. Each division is run by an experienced team of voluntary staff. It is believed that our strong community spirit and the willingness of some members to commit their spare time will continue to guide us forward for many years to come.

Starfleet Operations Logo

Starfleet Operations

Focusing on the Federation faction, SFO has a large and active following. Go to division page
House of Kular Logo

House of Kular

This division represents a successful KDF fleet within Star Trek Online. Go to division page
Starfleet Holodeck Logo

Starfleet Holodeck

Supporting non-Trek games, Holodeck is active within many different games. Go to division page
Starfleet Tactical Logo

Starfleet Tactical

Supporting non-STO Star Trek games, as well as Trek mods for non-Trek games. Go to division page

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